How do people react to Jonathan Edward’s “sinners in the hands of an angry God today?”

Most people know Jonathan Edwards for his sermon “sinners in the hands of an angry God”. His sermon was a very intense description of how God views sinners. Edwards tell us that god is holding us over the fire pits of hell and we will be there forever if we do not repent. I wanted to know how the public today reacts to his sermon. I think in today’s society some people would be scared enough to repent but the public as a whole would just brush it off because God isn’t supposed to hate anyone. The video I found is about 7 minutes of a man telling the audience why God loves you and that he doesn’t hate anyone, which may contradict Jonathan Edwards sermon. I used this man as one of my source of today’s public.
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“Edward’s angry tone can mute and even distort the Gospel message. The scriptures reveal however, that Christ most often took a gentle approach toward His hearers. His words were intoned with love and consideration, not anger and wrath.” Roger Brown. ( Many people today aren’t as scared by Jonathan Edwards sermon because unlike the people during the great awakening most of us were taught from birth that God is gentle , loving, and kind. Brown says that the reaction of Edwards sermon is taken in the tone of which he wrote it.
Brown concluded that if something is said in an angry or mean tone, the tone is communicated rather than the words. For example, if someone came into the room and the host said softly, “sit down,” the words would be heard as an invitation. The guest would feel welcomed and perhaps appreciated and certainly open to listening to his host. “On the other hand, if the host barked out, “sit down!” in a harsh and inconsiderate manner, the guest would most likely respond emotionally, perhaps experience some hurt or confusion, and would likely infer the host was mean-spirited. The guest will close himself off to any forthcoming messages. Psychological research confirms this conclusion (Morelli, 2006).” Roger Brown. ( His harsh tone would push people away in today’s world. Jonathan Edwards sermon was very affective in his time when people believed God hated sin which meant he hated everyone because everyone sins. Today preachers preach that God is a loving God and he loves you even though you sin. People are more likely to join the church if the preacher uses kind word rather than hurtful words like Edwards. The saying you catch more flys with honey than with vinegar is defiantly true in this case. If Jonathan Edwards were to preach today I feel like he would turn away many people with his harsh words and horrific images of God throwing everyone into hell.

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