How did Anne Bradstreet’s poetry reflect her religious beliefs?

Anne Bradstreet was Americans first female poet. She was a Puritan woman who wrote about her life and struggles between religion and society. Since she was a Puritan woman she was some what looked down on for writing because men were the only people in that time period who were considered great writers. In her poem “Upon the Burning of Our House” Anne Bradstreet writes about her house burning down and how she feels about it. Anne Bradstreet’s house burned down in 1666. The address can not be found to her home but the house would not be there anyway since it was destroyed by the fire.


In a video I watched the man talking about Anne Bradstreet seems to say that she saw her house burning down as a lesson from God. Anne Bradstreet viewed the house fire as a lesson because she thinks God took all of her material items away. The reason she feels like it was a lesson is because she feels like she was becoming materialistic and not relying on God and faith as much as she should. God showed her that she needed to focus on Him and her faith by removing all of her distractions with the house fire.

“Anne Bradstreet was in most ways quite typically Puritan. Many poems reflect her struggle to accept the adversity of the Puritan colony, contrasting earthly losses with the eternal rewards of the good. In one poem, for instance, she writes of an actual event: when the family’s house burned down. In another, she writes of her thoughts of her own possible death as she approaches the birth of one of her children. Anne Bradstreet contrasts the transitory nature of earthly treasure with eternal treasures, and seems to see these trials as lessons from God.” (

Everything that Anne Bradstreet writes is about her religion and how it shapes her life. She writes about her husband, her children, and other parts of her life but all her writings come down to how her religion plays a big part in her life. When she writes about her husband and how much they are in love she not only is saying how much she loves him but how God commands her to love her husband too. Anna Bradstreet had a very firm faith and she thought that what ever happened in her life was a lesson from God. God would take away what he needed to take away in order to make her realize where her heart should be.


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